This blog is meant for anyone with the will and need to create. More specifically, it’s for those people who enjoy writing, and want to explore their talents more fully. As a starting writer myself, I want to share my experiences with you, on having published, on trying to publish other works, and on the day-to-day life behind and around the writing.

Festes Seitenverhältnis
Lo and behold! It is I!!

Knowing the difficulties that come with the writing process itself, I also want to include certain exercises here that help stimulate better writing. I would love to see the results of the exercises as well, so feel free to post them or even send them to me via email, I promise to try and respond to everyone. I also wish to create a sense of community of writers, so you could also comment on one another’s work (so long as it’s constructive), and later on, I will try to put up some videos as well.

A little bit about me: I have been writing for…. 13 years now, though only rather recently did I start doing something with my writing. During my university studies in Freiburg, Germany, I was involved in various book clubs, creative writing groups, and helped found a literary magazine with friends (which is still going strong, check out the Freiburg Review). After graduating I started sending the manuscript of my first novel, Where Have You Been, and succeeded in publishing it with the Canadian-American publisher Editions Dedicaces.

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