For the moment, I only have one book out, but I am hoping to get more out there.

My first book, Where Have You Been is out and available on Amazon as well as other online retailers. You can check it out on Goodreads as well

“Fascinating dark novel that thrusts the reader head first into the terrifying abyss of drugs, disorientation and dysfunctionality.
Highly compassionate exploration of a soldier’s struggles with both PTSD and the culture shock of life after service; wondering how a normal day feels whilst living day to day in a blurry bubble immersed in an icy bleakness that refuses to thaw.

Great book cover.
Spellbinding storytelling, an exquisitely eloquent narrative, fabulous dialogue and flawless pacing.
This book is made to be a movie and ideally suited to fans of Vinnie Jones, Guy Richie and Revolutionary Road.

Spectacular writing from Israeli born author Amit Siovitz.
The dialogue is so realistic and vivid that it animates the characters, breathing so much life into the pages. All characters are so visibly three dimensional, not just the main ones.
The story is at its most poignant with Johnny + Jenny; the human faces of a raging drugs war.
They both personify the drug induced spiral of destruction and degeneration, the tragic repercussions of substance abuse and human carnage that drugs leave behind.

Most compelling of all, this book conducts a subtle exploration of society’s guilt and innocence, leaving the questions posed in the reader’s mind as to the apportioning of blame or victimhood
Crucially in the final sentence both Johnny and the reader are left with an unavoidably disquieting and explicit last question to answer – Where Have You Been?” – Review by User Ariel C on Goodreads.

For the fun of it, and to provide you with some more content, I will be posting some short stories here (for free, of course) in the future.

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