Fifty thousand and counting!

Okay, so unlike some of my other posts, which involved advice for those of you who are writing, this post is mostly self-congratulatory. I am taking this post as a tiny space for my vanity, which I think is a part of being an artist/writer.

I have begun writing another book, my first ever historical novel, some time in December, and I just reached my fifty thousand words mark! Hurray! I don’t usually give myself a minimum word count, well, maybe for short stories, so it’s not exactly the halfway point or anything, but it does seem significant for three and a half months’ work. Work on this book also involves a lot of research into the British army during the First World War, so that takes up some time as well.

My first book, Where Have You Been was about eighty thousand words, so having reached fifty thousand so quickly with this project does feel great. Of course, this being a historical novel it does mean that the word count on this needs to be much higher than eighty thousand, you know, common practice and stuff, so there’s still some way to go.

Anyway, this is more of an update on progress, and letting loose some vanity, I shall return later with more useful advice for writers!

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