Inspiration comes from the strangest places

I recently had a bit of the problem at home due a really bad decision I had made, and I have been spending time now trying to correct my mistake. Other than mending the problem, which I had admittedly created, I also needed to mend myself.

For the longest time, my best method for working through things has been to write. I had first gotten into writing trying to work through a very deep depression, and I am sure I am not the only one who does that, actually, I know this for a fact.

So I sat down and began writing whatever came to mind, and out of that, a short story was born. I admit that it’s a strange one as it follows a man called Derek in several parallel universe after he keeps wishing he “hadn’t done that” or something like that, which sprouts out a parallel world in which he didn’t.

I suppose I was just trying to tell myself that you can’t reduce your misfortune to just one bad decision, and sitting around feeling sorry for yourself for it isn’t going to help anyone.

Has any of you had a similar experience which resulted in a rather solid piece of literature?

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