Life is always stranger than fiction

I suppose a different way of putting it is that God is a terrible writer. That might sound like a provocative statement to those who are people of faith, but allow me to explain what I mean:

Writer are often, and rightfully, criticized for the use of stock characters and cliches. I suppose that an exception is when the use of the stock character is itself pregnant with meaning, such as in the works of Oscar Wilde. So if we assume, as many do, that God is the Author, with a big capital A, of all that transpires, he is at fault of making stock characters and cliches in real life.

I would like to argue that He does, because I just became one. As I already wrote in my first ever post, balancing a job and the wish to become a writer has been a struggle for quite a while, but I always thought I could make it and find that balance. Today, my termination became final, and boy, that hurts. I’ve become a struggling artist in the finest traditions of that literary trope.

I am even constantly disappointing my significant other with these failures, but she is too far involved  with me and too good of a woman to abandon me, so instead of kicking me to the curb, she encourages me and believes in me.

Of course that without that support I would simply curl into a ball on the floor and weep myself to sleep, but it does drive home the point of my new status as a cliche. Not only a failing artist/writer, but one living off the success of the woman he loves. My only consolation there is that unlike some of the members of the… not so esteemed club of this trope, I am not using her, but really, really love her and want to make her proud.

This post is less about actual writing and more on the writing life in general. I did warn you that I will share my experiences with you, and so I have. I suppose it’s all a part of the catharsis I need.

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