An update from me.

Again, I am reduced to breaking a recent period of radio silence on my part with something mundane and boring, an update.

There are several new things to say: I attempted to have a manuscript published and was (very politely) rejected. I am not discouraged, though. I am, however, toying with the thought of a major overhaul of this story in order to, maybe, make it more marketable. I am not sure yet, though.

A second, more happy update comes from me having joined the Monkey Collective. They are a group of writers at different stages of their writing careers, and they share stories, advice, and pretty much anything on their platform; it’s pretty neat. I’ve not had any time to be a really active member yet, but that is due to update nr. 3.

The third, arguably most important update is that I moved and got a new job. Yes, I am once again a working stiff, even after my rantings about wanting to write for a living. I do have one thing to say in my defense: it’s an editor job. Yes, I am now an editor of translations and a translator (German to English), and that’s pretty neat. I do get to work with texts, and I am even fairly good at it, so I think I’ll keep this job for a while.

Well, that is all the important stuff I have to talk about, I am sort of internet-less here, which is the reason for my recent radio silence, but I will be back soon!

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